Create Your Own Sunshine


My nerdlution commitment to writing has stalled after one entry.
I mean, how does one write a blog about education without sounding overly cheery, or overly negative?

On one hand, I want to write about the wonderful things I see happening in my classroom every day as students develop their love of books and begin sharing their enthusiasm with one another. On the other hand, I’m busy trying to cope with almost 50% of my students being below grade level, and desperately trying to get them where they need to be. Each day I feel the push and pull that I suspect many teachers experience – I celebrate the growth and the small victories, but am constantly reminded that this is not enough. I hear the drum beat of “proficient and advanced” in my ear, in the constant stream of data analysis, and in the endless discussions of benchmarks and common core standards. I’m relieved beyond belief that my students don’t have to face the STAR testing this year, but I’m terrified of what awaits them in with Smarter Balanced in 2014.

Push and pull. Push and pull.

In the end, I think I just need to blow up that balloon and let it go. My students are working as hard as they can, and they will all make growth this year. It may not be the two grade levels worth of growth they need, but it will be enough. Enough for them and enough for me. Knowing that I have given my all.

Ok, I’m a pretty positive person, so I guess I’m going to err on the side of overly cheery. Sometimes you just have to create your own sunshine.